What Is LARP Portal

LARP Portal is the best full-featured LARP event logistics product on the market. Designed by LARPers for LARPers, LARP Portal integrates all common logistics into a modular multi game system that simplifies the PC, NPC and Staff experience by providing a centralized tool where players self-manage their characters and staff plan and run events.

  • Gives you More Time for Plot
  • Lets your Players Self-Manage Characters and Registrations
  • Helps you Manage Check in / Check Out
  • Allows Players to Customize Character Cards
  • Automates the Distribution of Character Points
  • Collects Post Event Feedback

We are an affordable, off the shelf product that supports common logistic functions like registrations, character updates, and post event surveys while also offering flexibility to add unique flavor for individual games.

LARP Portal helps you market your game, manage character skills and rules systems, plan and run events and engage your player base. You control who has access to administrative functions by assigning roles and all functionality is available to the users through easy to navigate web pages. We are a web-based software company that set out to build a tool that would replace the need for games to have a resident database administrator. LARP Portal handles the initial campaign configuration and we then partner with you to add your character rules/skills. We provide full system support to your staff and are the front-line support for your players too. Our goal is to free you up to spend less time on logistics and more time on plot.

LARP Portal enables PLAYERS to use a single interface to find new campaigns, build and manage their characters, register for events, and complete post event surveys. Players can manage all of their games with a single-sign-on whether they PC, NPC or staff.

LARP STAFF with logistics roles gain access to manage other aspects of the game. A Player with staff access may gain access to Marketing info, or the ability to Set up an Event, Approve Registrations, Assign Housing, Read and Approve Character Histories, Make NPC Characters, Approve Post Event Letters (PEL/Surveys), Assign Points, Request or Receive Donations…. and so much more.