LARP Portal is a web based modular system that integrates key Player, Campaign and Character data to save time and improve player and staff experience. Designed as a series of independent modules, each game can be configured to use what it needs of the 100+ features.


The Player Module centralizes all info about the player. The player can manage their passwords and opt in to receive notifications. Players manage their own profile; names, addresses, phone numbers, resumes and inventory info. If a change is made, it is applied and available immediately to all games / campaigns that they play. A Player has one LARP Portal account but will be assigned a Campaign Player account for each game that they play.


Key Player Features

  • Add player profile and photo
  • Manage Password and Security Questions
  • Add and Maintain Address Info
  • Add Communication and Notification Preferences
  • Manage Medical and Allergy Info
  • Share Work and LARP Resume with Campaign Staff


The Campaign Module centralizes information about the game for players. PCs use the module to learn about the game rules and events and to register for events. Staff uses the expanded features to configure those rules and to manage logistics like setting up events, approving registrations and assigning points to a character for attendance.
Roles are assigned to players to control what access each player has to logistics features. Players can have one or more roles.

Key Campaign Features

  • View a list of “My Campaigns”
  • View campaign rules and player requirements
  • Receive Notifications of Event schedules, registrations, Points assigned , Due dates
  • Claim items needed by Campaign in the Donation Module to earn Additional Character Points
  • Manage Campaign Player Roles and Access to Logistics
  • Add and Maintain Campaign Info
  • Add and Maintain Events - using default setup screens
  • Manage Requests for Item / Service Donation
  • Manage Housing Assignment
  • Manage Post Event Letters (Surveys)
  • Manage Assignment and tracking of Character Points and Game Currency
  • Manage Campaign Point Exchange Between Games
  • Access suite of reports to manage the game


The Character Module is the heart of LARP Portal. PC and NPC characters are created and defined by the player. LARP Portal goes beyond the standard character skills or rules database and Character history, and provides the player with additional ways to fully develop and describe their character.
LARP Portal allows the player to define people and places that are meaningful to their character. Players can provide a photo, select characteristics, traits and attributes that are not skills or have a cost and they can provide specific answers to custom campaign questions.

Key Character Features

  • Build PC and NPC Characters
  • Build Character Profile, defining full name, AKA, Birth Place, Home and Age
  • Manage Character Deaths
  • Purchase Skills - even rebuild character if campaign allows
  • Build test characters
  • Build more than one version of same character with same character points
  • View Point assignment
  • Manage Character Points including transferring to another player if game allows
  • Submit Character History, and Addendums
  • Submit Post Event Letters (Surveys) and Addendums
  • Track Character belongings, clothing, weapons, items, currency, etc.
  • Submit Character Photo
  • Customize and Print Character Cards