How It Works

LARP Portal combines a complex set of data tables with an easy to navigate user interface that provides useful content to PCs, NPCs and Staff.


A LARP Portal Account is required to access the system. This account will allow players to search for campaigns and once signed up for one or more Campaigns, they have the ability to register for events, manage characters, etc. Only one account is needed regardless of how many Campaigns or games a players plays.


There are 3 high Level roles in LARP Portal; PC, NPC and Staff (Player Character, Non Player Character, and Plot or Logistics Staff). Your role(s) control what you as the player sees or has access to in LARP Portal.
Roles are assigned in two ways. When signing up for a Campaign or game, the player may select a PC or NPC role for that campaign. Based on the approval policy of the game, the role may be systematically approved or be submitted for review by staff before approval or rejection.

  • If you are a PC at Campaign/Game 1 you will have access to register for an event, Create Characters, write a PEL (Post Event Letter) and view your own Points.
  • If you are a NPC at Campaign/ Game 2 and you have been given the role of reviewing and approving PELs, you will have the same access to register for an event, write a PEL, but you would also have access to the Staff screens to read other players' PELs.
  • If you are Staff at Campaign/Game 3 and you have been given Plot and Point assignment roles you will have the same access to register for an event, write a PEL, but you would also have access to the Staff screens to read and approve histories, build NPC characters, view and update PC characters, view and approve PELs, view a player's points, assign points, run reports, etc.

Campaign Configuration

There are 3 levels of Campaign/Game participation in LARP Portal and each comes with a specific configuration plan.

REGISTERED participation level: A Campaign gains the ability to market their games and share event dates and appear in marketing searches. Game owners establish an account and complete a simple intake form that includes name, genre, size, etc. LARP Portal staff adds the Campaign to the system.

BASIC participation level: A Campaign has the “Registered” features and also gains the ability to manage Event Registration and Point Exchange directly with other games. Configuration set up consists of providing LARP Portal staff with Event defaults and Campaign Exchange data. The game owner is then able to maintain event data to support Inter game point exchange.

STANDARD participation level: This level requires the gathering of policy decisions and game rules. LARP Portal staff provides templates for each module and does the initial configuration. We work with the game staff through requirement gathering, configuration, and testing and we provide game staff training on LARP Portal.